Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Well, we had our nature walk and then did our leaf rubbings, tracing, and stamping. Kate had a lot of fun doing this too, she caught on quickly and wanted to gather things and shove everything in her bag. Well, except for her meal-ulk that she wouldn't part with.

I made this little game for Kendall and she has been having fun working with it.

Last night I made a few more felt foods (although I've already wrapped their present and will have to either open it up or try to slip these in once they've opened it). I saw all of these online and then just tried to work without a pattern. I don't even cut a straight line, I just trim and change as I go.
Oh, and I'm a winner. Ha, I've one two different things on two different blogs this week!!! However, I did not win the photo printer, bummer. Generally, I'm pretty lucky in contests. Once I won season passes to the Broadway series in our town by singing the Beverly Hillbilly song on the radio, that was a bright and shinning moment for me.

I felt like a big winner today when I got gas for only $0.69/gallon. Yep, that's right I filled up the SUV from empty for only $14.40. Our grocery store gives you $ off each gallon depending on how much you spend. We bought a bunch of groceries this month and a lot of gift cards too. I have never been so excited to get gas. I had to call people afterwards to tell them.


  1. Lovethe food!!!
    Love the pictures!
    And yes, I got one of those excited calls! ha

  2. Your felt foods are amazing. I'm off to buy some felt immediately to make some for my nieces.