Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honey Do List

We're slowly marking off our to-do lists. Actually, I didn't give Brian a list we just each have our own that we are working on. Brian crawled out on the roof to clean out the gutters yesterday. Kendall was a bit worried. She asked me why we had to watch and I had to explain that we wanted to watch so that if he fell we could tease him about it for the entire following year. Lucky for him he held on by his toes though.

I've completed a few tasks of my own...less perilous ones. I cleaned out my recipe binder. Man, I got rid of a bunch of them. This afternoon I cleaned out both of the girls closet. Last week I cleaned out my closet. I'll have the mother of all garage sales in the Spring.

Tonight we went out to eat. The girls behaved so well, it was a really nice time. At one point Brian looked over at me and said, "I don't think Kate needs to wear this shirt anymore, we don't need to emphasize the Buddha belly." It was looking a little round, the sweet little monkey. I guess I'll put it with all the other clothes that she has grown out of.

I wasn't going to post these pictures but Brian loves them and wants me to. Twice now the girls have disappeared and I have found them like this. This is not of my doing, I am in no hurry for this. They are completely on their own. If Kendall potty trains her though I wont mind.

Oh, and tonight Kendall told me again that she wants a little brother. Dani, you're in trouble, I believe it was you that put this idea in her head.....months ago.

P.S. Day three without caffeine, the first day without a headache. But, I never hit that afternoon slump, ya know the one that makes you need to consume more caffeine.


  1. whoops!! Kendall hang in there!! They will break!! It worked with me!! Keep pushing!

  2. Super cute pics! I believe my mom still has a very similar picture of me in that 'ahem' position. I also went through a caffeine elimination phase because I would get headaches (I was drinking a big, fat fully loaded Starbucks extra-bold brew every morning)..anyway, if you hit the afternoon slump eat a vitamin c chewable. It really works!