Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Pair of Pantyhose Later...

And now, the rest of the story.

Yesterday morning Kate and I ran out to pick up pantyhose. I was very concerned about picking out the right color so I studied each of the selections very carefully. I finally found one that I was satisfied with , we picked up Kendall from school and spent the rest of the day at home. Just a couple hours before the sitter was to arrive I unpacked my bag and looked once again at my new hose, it was at that moment that I noticed the size. It was wrong, so very very wrong. Wrong as in the smallest weight it would fit was about 240....roughly two of me. Back out we went to exchange them.

The girls played while I dressed and I eventually ran into a bit of a shoe dilemma. The ones I normally wore with my 'little black dress' were incredibly dated and they made me feel dowdy. I spied a shoe box at the top of my closet and was excited to find my super cute Calvin Klein shoes that I got for Mother's Day. I put them on and realized that I would need to paint my toenails peeked out a bit. I sat on the bathroom floor to accomplish my task and two little girls wandered in an sat very close to my toes. In the room fell an awed silence. They were so impressed that when they found they had to speak it was in a whisper, "oh, isn't it pretty Kate?"

This morning as I was fixing breakfast Kendall was questioning me about our night, what did we eat and so on...then, "Did they like your toes Mommy?" Yes honey, I think they did.
On the way to our dinner I noticed that my hose had a run in them so I had to make a mad dash into the store to pick up my third pair and change them in a too small bathroom. Unfortunately the last time I wore my super cute Calvin Klein shoes I didn't wear hose so I didn't realize that with the slippery hose those suckers would not stay on. I'm sure I looked like quite the moron (or a little drunk) since I had to take baby steps all around the party to avoid tossing a shoe in the punch bowl.

While I was contorting myself to get said hose on in the too tiny bathroom Brian received a call from the sitter. Evidently Kate had bumped her head on the carpet. Brian said Kate wasn't even crying and the sitter just iced it and all was well. When I saw her for the first time this morning I realized it wasn't her head at all, it was her face and she even has a little black eye! Poor little monkey, Kendall showed us the scene of the accident and we think she must have bumped on the exercise equipment in the basement.

That about covers the night! Look what I got in the mail from a cutie blog reader. A fabulous scarf that I absolutely love and a PIG ornament! Very fitting for this year don't you agree?

One more thing. After nap time I get a good solid 30 minutes of this. Look at what a chunk she is becoming. I walked past the mirror holding her and I couldn't get over how big she looked.

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  1. Dude. When will my blog readers start sending ME gifts?!

    Love that little chunk :)