Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Quick

We just got home from Brian's work Christmas party and we had such a fun time. They had a Mardi Gras theme with stilt walkers, jugglers, palm readers...the only spot I visited was the hand writing analyst. The lady that was analyzing works with the FBI and she was pretty spot on. She had us right her name, a sentence of our choice and then sign our name. She said I was creative and artistic but that I like security (which generally doesn't fit with the artistic fields). She said that my life currently centers around the home, that I am very intelligent and that I am not into frills and lace (that my home would reflect that). She also said that I am very careful about not losing my identity, or that it was important to me to not lose my identity (she told this by how I wrote my name). Oh and she said that I should consider writing because I would be good at it. And that I would enjoy caligraphy, ha.

She asked if I had any questions, and my only one was how she knew all of that so she actually pointed out bits and pieces of my handwriting and it all made perfect sense.

I also got to spend a lot of time with one of the other wives that I really like (I met her at the Santa lunch). It was such a fun night.

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