Thursday, December 04, 2008


Can anyone tell me why this kids lips and cheeks are so dry and chapped? I just can't put it together.

A mantel arrangement that only took me one year to put together. Seriously, the frames were gifts from last Christmas! To my credit, we cleared off the mantle when our house was on the market...but a year?!

I am slowly cleaning out scrapbook supplies. I won't be going to the post office until after the holidays though so I'll save the give away until then....since there seem to be such interest in it (sarcasm). But check this out, my desk was clean (for a short period of time).

Tonight we are going out without kids! Dinner with adults, too bad my taste buds are on strike. I'm slightly embarrassed to meet Brian's colleagues with a raw runny nose and lymph nodes sticking out from my neck the size of racket balls.


  1. I can't imagine why.

    That little tongue is going a mile a minute!!

  2. wow! Kate is amazing! She can speak without even moving her lips! Her "I love you" and "bye bye" were so clear and she never moved her mouth!! Awesome ;)