Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm So Ex-ciiii-ted

These cuties are about 10 minutes away from our house right now. We can't wait.

For lunch we are going to go to a work event to have lunch with Santa. This morning we had this conversation:
"Kendall, when Anna is here we're going to go have lunch with a special person"
"We are? Who!?"
"Well, who has been watching over you to see if you are good or bad?"
(sharp intake of breath and awed whisper....) "Jesus!?"

Santa is a bit of a let down compared to Jesus!


  1. That is so darn sweet!!

  2. oh MAN that is cute! Yeah, I would be pretty bummed to eat with Santa when I was expecting Jesus. You have taught her so well - that she can make that kind of connection!! :-)

  3. Pause in your fun time. Show me a pic of them all together!!!
    How long do they get to visit!!
    Have fun!!