Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Blog

Too often my feelings on this blog are on the fence. I fear that it isn't an accurate portrayal of life for us, does it seem too idyllic? Because we have plenty of temper tantrums and time outs. Sometimes I feel I say too much and sometimes I fear I censor myself. Other times I just take it for what it really is to me, a savings account of my memories...but does it need to be public? Until I can hop off this fence and finally make a decision I'll just keep riding and typing...
We had our family Christmas on Sunday. I am sincerely overwhelmed by every ones generousness and thoughtfulness. We may never be able to top this one for the girls...doll houses, baby doll strollers, train sets and tables, Dora bikes, matching adorable step stools...the list goes on and on. I am very touched by a gift I received that I have never put on my list although I have wanted one for about six years. Brian's family has heard me mention that I wanted one and they went together to buy a Kitchen Aid standing mixer for me. LOVE it. I haven't used it myself yet, I just make detours through the kitchen to look at it or fiddle with it.

Really there is just too much to catch up on. I'll let the pictures speak for me this time. I hope each of you has a joy filled day. We'll be spending the day tomorrow celebrating Jesus' birthday. No more presents to open here...just the gift of a Savior.


  1. That is one cute pig....and one very brown husband ;)

    I feel your pain on the blog thing, but I too just keep on typing. For what it's worth I would miss yours terribly if you shut it down!

  2. No way do I think of this as you making things seem too perfect! You put plenty of "difficult" times on here. And besides, it is a way for you to document your blessings. When you get down or unhappy, you can come here and see how wonderful your life really is. It is a way to praise God for your blessings!

  3. We want to see a pic of that mixer!
    I'm with my nieces right now, and between the two of them there are three infected ears. I am seeing the difficult times and am getting a nice escape via the web here, so I really enjoy these happy posts! I think keeping it positive is great. This way you may have a source of encouragement during the down days...

  4. This is a positive blog and a great way for you to reflect on the good parts of life. Who wants to dwell on the negative? Goodness knows we think about those enough.

    Keep up the blogging. :)