Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Brian is still on vacation for the holidays. It's great to have someone else around to grab the camera and catch some of our everyday moments. Here is one that we see about 30 times each day. These girls are teeth brushing fools. They LOVE it! It helps that their Aunt Lin gave them these cute little stools so they can actually brush on their own now.

Kendall is still very proud of her independent dressing right now. She only requires a little bit of intervention on my part to ensure she gets clothes that match somewhat. Picking out clothes for the appropriate season is also a bit of a challenge. She wanted to wear a short skirt and Crocs to run errands with Brian this morning (there is currently snow on the ground).
We were invited to (insert city name here) Club for New Years Eve but we were not able to find a baby sitter so we'll be home tonight after all. I think that I will ring in the new year scrapbooking. I haven't done any since I finished our December album (on the 24th). I'll post the rest of those pages later.

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  1. I have no doubt that Aunt Lin not only gave them the stools, but that she made them, too. I am jealous, they look great!!

    I am loving the fact that the girls hang out so much together now on their own and just play. That is a great stage.

    I LOVE the fact that Kendall is trying to potty train Kate! Too funny!!