Friday, December 05, 2008

That's My Girl

If you don't want to hear shameless bragging about my preschooler now is the time to exit this page...
First, check out her adorable school them! Don't worry family they will be handed out soon!
Today was parent teacher conference day! I got to bring home a handful of paperwork showing all of her achievements. This girl can cut a straight line and follow directions with the best of them, whoo hooo. Here is her little report card!

Mrs. Harris was very impressed by this fella. She said that Kendall is the only three year old in the class that does it. Only one other girl draws people and she is an older 4 year old. She especially liked the hair, hands and feet. I was pretty impressed by Kendall's ability to cut out shapes because we don't really do that much here at home (note to self: cut out shapes). She cut out a large triangle and rectangle and created a house with it! (not shown).
Perhaps the thing that made me most proud was hearing this story...The 3 year old class will be the animals in the manger in the Christmas play. Mrs. Harris is letting the children choose which of the animals that they want to be with some slight pushing towards the cuter animals (lamb, bunny...). Kendall has decided on her animal and no amount of persuasion can change her mind. She has decided to be a pig. That's my girl, you can be a pig if you want to and don't let people tell you otherwise. I volunteered to help out with the costumes so I'll make sure it's a cute pig.
Here is my Day 4 page. The journaling on the photo is just copied and pasted from my blog post from yesterday. I have actually added journaling on the back of the zebra print talking about our dinner out and the night that followed.
We had a great time at dinner it was so nice to chat with other adults! We got home from dinner the house was picked up by our super cute babysitter and she said the girls were good and had no problem going to bed. Phew. Great night, right? Yes, until bedtime. I couldn't fall asleep...I just felt funny. At midnight I started to get that feeling that I got in 9th grade when I gave blood and then proceeded to pass out in front of my algebra a skirt....onto the floor (another bright and shining moment for me--quickly followed by 2nd one when I was pushed through the halls in a wheelchair while classes were changing). Anyway I'll spare you the truly gruesome details and skip to this morning when I told a bright eyed Brian that I had food poisoning and was up all night. After a little research we determined that it probably wasn't food poisoning but instead a very bad combination of nasal decongestant, zinc drops and two glasses of wine. A mistake that I will not be making again. Anyway, I was up at 7:15 and although I'm tired I feel fine now. I've slowly reintroduced some food and just avoided any and all cold medicine to give my tummy a little break!


  1. Ewwwwwww. I hope you feel better. I remember that incident in high school!!

  2. Glad you feel better.

    Great job on the report card Kendall!
    And amazing picture you drew. I am so very impressed!!
    I love you!

  3. You remember? I had fooled myself that everyone else would have forgotten that already :)

  4. I have GOT to remember to send you your brother's "school picture"....or maybe I will scan it and post it....although he might hurt me if I do!! p