Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Kendall has had a hard time falling asleep the last few nights. I feel pretty certain that she is just needing to get out energy. It's hard for us to spend time outside when it is so cold and Kate gets pretty ticked off out in the cold. I took the girls to play in an indoor play area at our gym to burn off some steam.

I love how the girls have the ability to laugh at themselves when they do something clutsy. We laugh a lot.
I'm trying to do some last minute decorating. We don't keep a lot of stuff, on top of that we just moved into a house that is significantly bigger then our last one. I like a lack of clutter but sometimes it seems to border on baron so I'm trying to dress things up a bit.

Finally, our special guests arrive tomorrow. We're so excited to see Gram and Pop (Brian's parents). Susan and Ron, we have things ready for you, the house has been cleaned but I can't make any promises about this:
I'll try my hardest :)

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  1. Haaa! I love that video!

    Very cute decorating too :)