Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog Wisdom

I was emailing with my sister Nancy about blogging and I was telling her that when you have a blog you are more aware of what is going on during your day. You are looking for something meaningful to talk about that night and I really like that. Pre-blogging it happened too often that Brian would come home from work and ask what I did that day, I would have to think about it for awhile and finally reply, "I don't really know, nothing I guess, but I know I was busy!" It is just making me think more, 'hmmm, what can I send out into the blog world tonight?'

I tend to visit scrapbookers blogs. There are four or five women that have blogs that actually have scrapbooking careers that I follow (they are on design teams for websites, work for magazines, write their own books...). I've seen their scrapbooking pages for years so you kind of feel like you know them and then you actually get to read their thoughts on their blogs. Very neat for me. Anyway, one of the ladies that I follow is Cathy Zielske and today on her blog she wrote this:
When you see passion in action—in whatever form it takes—you cannot help but to feel inspired. You cannot help it. There are goosebumps that run the length of your spine. You feel it. You dream it. You wish it upon yourself.
No, i'm not saying that after I learn to play the guitar, i'm going on the road.
I'm saying this:
get excited about something to the point where you're talking louder than anyone else in the room
act like you just discovered something for the first time and cannot believe that you never before knew and tell everyone you know who will listen
clap your hands when you're happy about something
sing along to songs you love, loudly
get engrossed in something until you realize it's 2 p.m. and you haven't eaten lunch
talk to yourself more when you are alone
don't take advice you read on blogs unless it seems to make sense.
then by all

I really liked that because I think that I've been doing it lately. Well, we Kelly girls have always talked louder than anyone else in the room but that has nothing to do with excitement it has to do with being one of eight children and having to yell just to be heard. But, just the whole becoming passionate about something gets me excited. I love to see passionate people. I think that when Brian and I met he was really passionate about his job and at business school he was passionate about school and the possiblities of his future. It's so easy to get excited with someone when they are passionate. This morning I was so excited about the whole art fair thing that I found I was holding my breath and smiling and I didn't eat anything until after noon because I was just so busy building the table.

Anyway, just wanted to share this bit of blog wisdom. Thanks Cathy!

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