Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Couple of Paper Chick's Favorites

Kendall had her first taste of juice today and boy did she love it! She is having a good day today and is actually taking quite a long nap right now, a rarity. I'm afraid seperation anxiety may be setting in...all is well and good in her world until I walk out of the room.

Okay, here is a paper chick favorite...Lists. I love lists. Today, it's a list of things that I want to make:
a) a scarf, loving knitting right now (thanks alex for re-teaching me how).
b) gift tags for the Christmas presents
c) scrapbook pages. My scrapbooking well has been dry lately but I keep thinking of things I want to try.
d) a recreation of the expensive garland I saw at Target yesterday for my outside tree.
e) a little pouch to hold rice that I can microwave to warm my feet (I'm using one of Brian's socks right now, not so attractive.

Another favorite right now is Target but this is nothing new. They have so many cute things! I could make a whole list of favorite Target things...but maybe later I actually want to start doing some of the things on my list now. Live life, don't just blog it :)

1 comment:

  1. SUCH a cute pic of Kendall! And what a good idea about the rice thing. Fun. I've been loving knitting too. I just made a felted handbag. Must post a pic to my blog...