Monday, November 28, 2005


I finally completed a page for Kendall! These little tissue flowers are one of the things that I have been wanting to do. The photos and papers are all stitched on with my sewing machine and the photo on the bottom left is actually a flip book that you can flip through and see her learning to put her pacifier in her mouth. The journaling talks about how I had envisioned her using cute pacifiers but that she only liked this kind :)
We had a good day today, Kendall and I did a lot of running around but she was incredibly good. I did make it home in time for her naps so that helped a lot. I'm off to work on a special album now. I'm so excited about it, I think it's going to look so cute. I'll post pictures after Christmas. We still have time so if there is someone special in your life that would like a customized album let me know!! :)(Shameless self advertisement)


  1. Hi Ashley--this is Shannon, Jenn's friend from work (the TinyQ blog page). I feel a bit strange visiting a stranger's site, but I knew you had a kiddo too from talking to Jenn. Just want to say that your scrapbook pages are adorable (as is Kendall); I'm working towards a book for Q too. Thanks for inspiration! And Quinn rejected all binkies (even the soothie) and has decided on his fingers instead...I too had dreams of cute binkies.

  2. Ashley - These pages are beautiful. You have outdone yourself!

  3. Aunt Ashley:
    The pages are beautiful! As is your scarf! Oh, and I have used the rice pack thing multiple times already! I love it!
    Love you!