Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Chick's List

The *Chick's* List

A list of my current "favorites"

#1 Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm addicted to paper. Yes, you read it correctly, paper. So the very first item on the very first 'Chick List' is my favorite paper! I am really loving Wild Asparagus right now. I love the muted colors and the distressed look that they have.

#2 Okay, this is a life long love affair of mine. I love school supplies! I would get so excited right before school started when I got to go to the store and get all my school supplies, I would bring them home and have Kristy write my name on everything (because I really loved her handwriting) and then pack and repack and repack it all in my backpack. I love getting new pens and and love blank notebooks. Writing on the first page of the notebook was so hard for me because I didn't want to mess it up! Now I've finished school which is a very good thing except no school supply shopping, sadness. However, I still like to organize my "studio supplies" and I have been eyeing these forever but I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on them! I like the rubber band that goes around the binder and how the index tabs go across the top as well as the side. Ah, such pure school supply bliss.
Note: only five more years until Kendall starts Kindergarten...Target here we come.

Item #3 I first saw this company in one of my favorite magazines Home Companion the company is called Hable Construction. What an inspiration to me, it's two sisters that have started this company that sells amazingly cool things like bags, pillows, paper products (!) and even some really cute aprons.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the "Chick List"

Finally, my day was pretty uneventful. Kendall had a rough morning and was a little fussy but by the afternoon it wore off and she was a giggle monster. I think that she will be pulling herself up to a standing position (using furniture) soon. She will hold onto my fingers and pull herself up now. Here is a picture that I took last week. I bought this little sweatsuit at a used clothing shop and I think she looks so cute in it! She is top on the Chick List of favorites!

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  1. Ashley -
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have such a talent and lots of great insight! Congrats on 3 years of marriage and on your gorgeous daughter. I must say that I too, am completely addicted to school supplies, and this may indeed be what led me to being a teacher. I do love paper, and I have had the same anxiety about what to write on the first page of a new notebook. I love buying blank books too. But my true addiction is PENS. I have more pens than anyone, more markers. My students know it, and buy me pens for gifts. So does Justin. Hee hee. Thanks for a GREAT blog!