Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Can't Sleep

I'm just so excited about the art fair. I keep running through my head possible display ideas, questioning if I bought the right sized booth, thinking of all the things that I need to do still! I've decided that a really cute way to display my cards is to frame chicken wire and then use clothes pins to pin my cards to the wire. I, like always, dove in to the project and bought molding and paint from Home Depot to build my own frames (maybe I should have done a little research first). My brother-in-law John took time out of his day off to cut my pieces at a 45 degree angle so that I could build the frame. I returned home, set Kendall up in her swing on the deck, and proceeded to build... absolutely nothing. Let's just say my woodworking skills are not quite as advanced as my card making skills. Back to John & Lorie's with my "frames" and once again John came to my rescue. I'm picking them up tomorrow with the intent of attaching the wire, cross your fingers!! I also haven't really decided which table I'm going to use. My booth space is only 8x3 and I took a look at my inventory today and I think that I'm going to fill it!

88 cards, 3 Accordion books, 3 gift albums, 4 altered paint cans, 14 post-it note thingys, & 8 altered clipboards. Phew, I've been busy. I'm also going to take orders for custom made albums. My investor (Brian) has told me he is ready to see some cash flow and I'm hoping to make him proud. I have two fears: a) I don't sell anything and b) I sell everything on Friday and have nothing on Saturday! Regardless of the outcome I've had a lot of fun planning and creating but of course I would like this little company o' mine to succeed.

I would love to have business cards to hand out but since I don't have a website yet it would be kind of pointless. Maybe I'll make some cards with my logo and email address and staple them to the bags of purchases. Add that to my list of things to do.

Exciting day planned tomorrow, I have my Bible study in the morning (that I'm loving) and all the girls from the group are meeting for lunch. Tomorrow is also Brian and my three year anniversary and Lorie is watching Kendall for us so we can go out. Busy, busy week!

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