Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fair Wrap Up

I was so exhausted last night. I did okay at the fair, but turnout was really low so I didn't do as well as I had anticipated. I did get a lot of great information on stores that sell local artists work and I plan on following up with them over the next couple of weeks. One customer was telling me that she had been published twice in magazines and that I absolutely had to start submitting my work because she thought that I would get published (most magazines pay money too so that would be nice). I really can't complain I did make a lot of sells I think that I just had my expectations set so high that I kind of set my self up to be a little disappointed. I am not giving up on art fairs though and I have already started my research on other opportunities to display my stuff.

Today though, I plan on recovering. Passion and excitement is really tiring.

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