Sunday, September 23, 2007

As Kendall Would Say, "Mmm, Mmm In My Tummy"

Here she is saying, I don't know mom, those things are green!

The baby food thing is actually going really well now. We have found things she loves: Pears, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, and even peas (shockingly) and I'm able to add either rice or oatmeal cereal to any of the above to thicken it up and spike up the calories and she still eats it. Of course, she realized that she was consuming more calories so she decided that she needed to burn a few as well....she is mobile! I wouldn't exactly call what she is doing a crawl, it more closely resembles what military men do in an obstacle course to get under barbed wire but she will go forward, awkwardly, about 2-3 feet to get a toy. I like to let her play with said toy as a reward for a few minutes before we try again but her sister likes to immediately take it away and put in out of reach to get another show. Sometimes Kendall takes pity on the clumsy maneuvering of her little sister and just takes her whatever toy she is trying to reach. Kate is just so laid back so doesn't mind either way. Today when I picked her up from the church nursery she was all snuggled into this big man that was holding her with her eyes wide open, they said she had done that the ENTIRE time. Such a little cuddle bug, funny thing is if they would have put her down she would have been equally happy entertaining herself! Pictures of the scooting to come soon.

At the other end of the pea loving spectrum here is Kendall's first taste of peas. Kind of makes your eyes water, doesn't it?


  1. I like how Kendall's pictures seem all calm like, "Someone please remove these peas from my mouth".

    I can't believe Kate is army crawling! She's going to be walking by Christmas!

  2. I have the same reaction to peas that Kendall did....thats not a surprise to anyone though :) I miss you all so much! Kate will probably be fully mobile by the time I see her in 2 weeks!!!