Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hey Ma, Watch This

Yeah, Kate can talk and she is definitely an attention seeker. Tonight while I was trying to eat she said, "Hey Ma, watch this, I think I can stuff all of this in my mouth"

Then she said, "Look Ma, no hands!"

Finally, she gave up and just sucked her thumb.

Kendall found all the shenanigans amusing though.

And guess what Kendall did today! Yep, I'll be home for the next few days, in fear of leaving the house, dreading the moment in the grocery store that I'm loaded down balancing two kids and groceries and Kendall lets me know that she has to go potty NOW.

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  1. paula3:42 PM

    Madison had a landmark day at daycare on Tuesday. She wore big girl panties for the whole day and stayed dry the whole time!! We celebrated!! Of course, her luck ran out once she arrived home and she forgot that she had on big girl panties. Then they said that yesterday was a total "wash out" with not much good luck. Hopefully today will be better. I hope so....