Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Yumminess

We just hung around the house this weekend. Kendall used her pool for the last time, sadly it has a hole and all the air leaks out. I spent 15 minutes blowing that sucker up and then as I sat there (dizzy and lightheaded) I watched it slowly leak back out. But, Kendall had fun. She would play play play and then walk over to me and say, "one kiss". Fine with me! Then she said, "Uh-oh, I got wet on you skirt. I sorry!"

Kate is trying out a new gangsta style. Her sister dressed her up this way. Kate thinks her sister is the cat's meow. Look at Kate's cutie shirt from Memaw (it has matching stripped pants) I think that she will love shoes too!

Current pet peeve: When someone comes up to us and makes a huge deal over how cute Kate is but doesn't say anything to Kendall. First of all Kendall is adorable how could they not say something? Second of all she often yells, "Here's another one" and points at herself but they don't catch on. I'm afraid that I get a little rude and just ignore the person then talk to Kendall about how sweet she is and what a good girl she is (you would think that they would catch on). This happened today in the grocery store. As we walked away Kendall asked, "What that lady doing?" and I said, "She was saying what a good and pretty girl you are." And Kendall said, "AND Kate!"

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  1. people are crazy! How could they not mention the awesome big sis? being a twin who always got the obvious "ARE YOU TWO TWINS?!?!?" comment at the grocery store, I personally don't favor grocery store comments of any kind. People, just be friendly and don't say anything that will make you put your foot in your mouth, ya know?