Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So this morning I volunteered in the childcare room at our church. Imagine me, sitting on the floor, with two (cute) little boys on my lap and 13 other 1-2 year olds surrounding me and the other two workers. Now imagine that 13 of the 15 said kids were screaming, really screaming for the first hour of the two hour shift and I am NOT over exaggerating. Yeah, it was fun. There is only so much that you can do, we were seriously outnumbered, all I did was try to comfort the ones that I could and just look around me with a look of absolute shock (and probably terror) on my face. Two hours later, I put my coat on (despite the heat) just to put a barrier between my snotty, slobbery clothes and my own precious little children. I was so in love with my kids today, I realized that I got the best ones out there. Amazingly though it didn't scare me away as much as I would have thought it would have. Those little boys were pretty cute... (chanting in my head: "I do not want another baby, I do not want another baby").

We go back tomorrow but this time I get to drop my kids off for someone else so I can go to my own Bible Study. Yippee. Speaking of not wanting another baby I am SO close to my pre-Kate weight. I'm going to start working overtime to get there...I need to trash those Oreos that are in the pantry too, I have zero self control when it comes to yummy treats.

I realized that I never gave the answer to the "Who's That Baby" quiz. Here you go: Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, Kate, Kate, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, Kate, Kate, Kendall. All those that posted each only missed one I think. Those of you that didn't post need to come out of hiding!! And I told Lorie to wait to guess so she is off the hook.


  1. You really do NOT want another baby...until I do, and then you have to be preggers with me again! Don't worry, I'll give you a few years.

  2. Or a few hundred years.