Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We Would Like to Welcome You to Munchkin Land

I've been a little high on stress the last few days so the blog was put to the back burner. Just some Paper Chick stuff that I needed to finish or get started or finalize details. I don't like deadlines (even self imposed ones) at this stage in my life since I don't get to choose when I get to work on something, the girls' napping and behavior dictates my free time.

Kate had her 6 month check up today and it wasn't that great. She dropped in her percentile pretty drastically in height, weight and even (a little) in head circumference. We're making some diet changes and will go back in 6 weeks to have her rechecked. If they don't see enough of a gain then they will want to run tests on her. They want her to have three full baby food meals a day: breakfast (cereal and fruit), lunch (veggie & fruit) and dinner (cereal, veggie, and fruit) and to nurse after each meal (instead of before). We've been on solids for about a month now but she still pushes a lot of it out of her mouth, she'll be getting a lot of practice now so hopefully we'll improve on that. Some of you may remember that we went through something similar to this with Kendall. There is a slight difference in that Kendall was small and maintained a small percentile, Kate however has dropped, which is what causes some alarm. Poor little lady, she is just a sweet little munchkin. She looks completely proportionate complete with rubber band wrists (you know the chubby little wrists that look like they have a tight rubber band around them) and rolls and rolls of thigh fat. She is doing great on all of her motor skills and right on target for vocalization.


  1. They are both perfect and you know it.

    Kate is going to be 6 ft tall one day and laughing at you about this. ha

  2. Don't worry about it!! My oldest dropped quickly one visit and by the next time he was right back up there! Don't sweat it Momma, she is just perfect!! Now the doctor is saying that he is a little too thick...and if you could see him, you would not think that at all! The chart is a guideline...don't worry!
    Love ya!!