Saturday, September 01, 2007

She Loves These Shoes

Yesterday I went for my morning workout at the gym. As soon as we walked in the door Kendall started yelling to the ladies behind the counter, "I got new shoesssssss!!!!!" So they all leaned over and oooh'd and aaaah'd over the lovely shoes as Kendall told them, "From Great Gre-am" I had to translate this for them (the need for translation was evident by the tip of their head and quizzical looks directed my way). We passed through the cardio area with Kendall waving at all the sweaty people and found our way into the kid zone. We repeated the whole "new shoes....Great Gre-am" quizzical look fiasco and we had a great workout. Now fast forward to today. Kendall has been a BEAR today, her grouchiness and way too short nap convinced Brian and I that she would be having an early bedtime tonight. I looked forward to relaxing with a bowl of ice cream and a scrapbooking magazine but that has yet to happen. Tonight we have had the night that I expected to have when we switched her to the big girl bed. Multiple trips out of bed, lots of crying and one emergency diaper change. About 30 minutes ago it got quiet, phew it was finally over....right? I left the safety of my office to venture down the stairs when I heard something, something that sounded suspiciously like Kendall. I shifted my head to look at her door and I find I little lady peeking out of the crack in her door. She starts crying as soon as she sees me because she knows that she is going back to her bed but when I open the door I find why it has been so quiet and my face turns completely red in my effort to keep from laughing. In her arms are a couple of books and a stuffed animal or two and on her feet (the wrong feet actually) are her new shoes. She had gotten out of bed, got her shoes on her feet (that had been put away in her dresser), and gathered her things and was waiting at the door for the perfect opportunity to make her escape. It's quiet now...I'm afraid to look.


  1. So did she finally go to sleep?

  2. Finally, yes. I'm so exhausted!

  3. I can totally relate to this post. We have finally got Madison going to bed at night without screaming and crying, and by herself in a queen size bed at that!! Now if we could just have as much luck with potty training...

    luv, paula