Monday, September 10, 2007

Favorites From Today

We went to the park today. I took a blanket and a tu-tu to take pictures of Kate while we were there. Kendall got hot in her jeans so she ended up wearing the tu-tu but I believe the slide was a lot more comfortable with the jeans on, you should have heard that skin screeching the whole way down. Kate is too mobile to leave on the blanket she found her way to the wood chips...I fished a piece out of her mouth.....little woodchuck. Due to the extreme heat we've had I've avoided the park for awhile. Last time we went Kendall was such a whiner and wouldn't do anything without me prodding her non-stop (envision my pregnant self going down the slide with her--yes, it's been that long!) but today she was a real champ and did EVERYTHING on her own. Check out the slide she did over and over! She has never liked the swing before but she did today, she even opened her eyes eventually.


  1. my girls are sooo yummy!!!

  2. Fabulous shots! Love the tutu and I am impressed by Kendall's bravery - wow!

  3. I agree....
    and great photography going on here!!

  4. I LOVE the first tutu picture!! It is TOOOOOO cute!!

    Your girls are too cute!!

    love, paula