Monday, September 24, 2007

LOTS of pictures

We had a good day today, we got a lot of cleaning done this morning then during nap time I relaxed and chatted on the phone with Sara then the girls and I played all afternoon with only a break for the gym. Kate sounded like she may have a bit of a cold today, she was a little hoarse but she still played hard and scooted around a bit.

She was so interested in the camera she didn't realize that she was sitting up unsupported.

Then she had to work her biceps a bit and do a few push ups.
"Hey Ma, this is 'the hover or plank' pose"

That yoga baby she thinks she is so funny.

Hmmm, I spy my paci over there.

Not quite far enough.

Just a little closer.

Ha, I got it!

Then she did a few more push ups, the show off


  1. All those push-ups ... She must have learned from watching John do them in front of Lorie!

  2. They are soo cute! They are both such hams for the camera and I love it...they are conditioned from Aunt Lorie!!

  3. She is such a cutie!! I can't wait to get my hands on her!!! It just isn't fair, we are so close, yet I never get to see you and the kids!!!

    BTW, Brian, you are suppose to claim that she learned those push-ups from watching you!! :)

    Lots of love!!