Sunday, September 02, 2007

One Last Time

Okay, only one more post about the Crocs. But I had to write about this because.....guess what she wore to church this morning? In an effort to start the day "on the right foot" I avoided a fight when I said 'yes, you can wear those to church'. As I type this Kendall is napping WITH THOSE SHOES ON!!! You can tell by the picture that even Kate has her eye on them.

Look what Kate is doing!! She can "tri-pod" but she is getting close to being able to sit up without using her hands she was practicing today by reaching for Kendall's shoes. Look at Kendall's face, she isn't too happy about Kate's interest in them!

Yesterday we went shopping for Kendall's bedroom furniture and she found her favorite kind of doggy...the fake kind.


  1. Kate.... stop growing up so fast!!!!!

  2. Kelly just walked in and saw Kendall's shoes. Her comment has prompted me to write my first "comment" ever!
    Kelly said, "I some some shoes like hers."
    Gram...where did you get the shoes?

  3. I LOVE it!!!

    I some some Kelly!!

    Where do I get I get me one of them?

  4. man, the adorableness continues. i definitely some some kelly.