Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conversations From Today:

Kendall: My belly ache.
Me: I'm sorry, let me give you a hug
(she hugs me tight then looks me in the eyes)
Kendall: I need a treat
Me: Well, go pee pee in the potty and you can have a treat.
SILENCE...obviously there is thinking going on. Then she looks at me, holds up one little finger and says: "Just one treat, one treat"

Kendall: I see Jennie & Anna today? In two minutes?
Me: No, not today, you'll see Jennie tomorrow.
Kendall: Yeah, in one minute.

Oh and this conversation has happened multiple times as we drive past any Circle K or K-Mart
K: look Mommy, K for Kendall!
Me: You're right you smarty pants!
K: No, there's my pants (pointing). or No, Mommy wears pants.

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  1. Super cute picture!

    Yesterday during nap Anna tried all her usual tricks to try and get up early....I need a drink, I need to potty, I need a snack, etc. As I was walking away from her room for the 20th time she started yelling, "I need Kendall mommy! I need Kendall!". Crazy girls :p