Thursday, January 01, 2009


Well, I didn't scrapbook. I actually went to bed early but we had a bit of a rough night. Sleeping kids, fireworks, and loud music (where was that coming from!?) aren't a good mix. I felt like I had a newborn since I got out of bed no less then five times last night. My hunky hubby got up with them this morning though and let me sleep in. He also spent a good deal of time outside with them yesterday. He's a good dad.

Last night as I was cooking dinner this was the family room scene. But, to keep it real, my mom-in-law called two minutes later and she heard screeching in the background.

I am doing some cooking today. Homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove. It will be used for a chicken and veggie stew and a chicken spaghetti and there is Beef stew cooking away in the kitchen now too. I'll freeze some and share some with a special lady we know. The girls are playing in the basement. I think I'll get crafty during their nap.

I gave the people in our village a bit of a show today. I went to the grocery in yoga pants, knee high polka dot boots, an orange coat and green ear muffs (or as Kendall calls them 'ear muscles'). I actually think it was kind of cute but when Brian saw me he said, "Oh brother" and I admit I got a few second glances.

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  1. ....and you didn't get a picture of your striking attire? I am sure you looked cute, p