Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Chicklet's List

I thought it would be fun to do a Chicklet's List for once. This is a little different in that it's not items that are tried and true but items that are currently on the girl's "Please Mommy Can I Have This, Puh-leeeze!?! List"

For Kendall:

Today was pajama day at school and we took our blanket and pillow but I noticed Kendall longingly eyeing the sleeping bags that some of the other girls had brought. We think these PB Kids ones are adorable with their built in pillow.

Kendall has had a renewed interest in puzzles lately and I would love to get her some more challenging ones. (Her current favorite is the US wooden one and she flys through it too!). The wooden ones by Melissa and Doug are great, found here and here.

In our ongoing quest to try different quality art supplies a few that are on the list of fun things to try are these:

Crayon Rocks--I think these would be great for strengthening different hand muscles and perfect for summer time art totes.

THIS SITE: Hello beautiful eco friendly art products (they also sell crayon rocks). Love all of this but some favorites are these...

...water color pencils, I think Kendall would LOVE seeing the magic of watercolor pencils!

...and the adorable recycled sketch books.

An item that was on the Christmas wish list that Santa didn't pick up is this fun Sleepy Princess and the Pea game by HABA

And finally, for the educational benefits and for the feeling that she is just so big her very own Leapster and of course the Dora and Princess games, ha.

For Kate:

She is a bit harder to buy for. Generally she just wants Kendall's stuff. However, I'll try to pull together a few...

Kate is still fascinated by slides so this is at the top of her list.

Also from her Christmas wish list (and currently on clearance for only $8) is this animal see saw. If the link doesn't take you there you may have to type "animal see saw" in the search box.

I realized this yesterday when it was so pretty outside and Kendall was riding her bike outside. Kate needs something to pedal around on to keep up with Kendall this summer. Maybe one of these or these. (Her legs are getting too long for the sit and scoot horse she has, so sad)

She is really drawn to the kids gardening aisle at Target with all those bright colors and fun animals. And since after this winter I plan on being outdoors every single day that is a good thing.

Well, that is about all I have time for now, if I think of other things I'll publish another Chicklet's list. Also, I'll put together one of tried and true kid's favorites for you other moms soon.

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