Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now I Have to Pay

***Please note, you moms are all the same, so practical :) On the desk below you are only seeing the front the other side is a 'bar' with leg room underneath.
And the second part of the New Office series is this: How'm I Gonna Pay for ee Tall? I recently finished off the huge Paper Chick order that will cover more than half and today I'm working on raising the other portion. I have had a hugemongous pile of stuff to prepare for eBay and I haven't had the motivation to do it. Well this morning I completed half the battle. I sorted, ironed and photographed all the goods (well, not quite all the goods but at least all the children's clothing...I still have an MP3 player and some other stuff to prepare). Tonight after the girls' bedtime I will work on creating the listings. Let me know if you know of someone having a little bitty girl and I'll send them links to all the stuff. It's all in great condition (I pulled out anything with a smidge on it) and great name brands: Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, Hilfiger...

Actually, I'm excited about these pictures because I can create a great scrapbook page for the girls with pictures of their clothes on it! I kept a few of my favorite pieces too. The pictures here show individual pieces but I'm actually selling things in "lots" or a group of items from all the same size and season.


  1. Will you send me the link so I can peak through the stuff for my little one. Thanks! Melissa (from the library)

  2. HEY Melissa!!! How are you? How is your sweet little lady? I would be happy to send you the links once I have everything up. Your blog is marked private so I can't access it or have your email address. Do you have mine?

    ashley.k.(last name, do you remember?)