Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sing With Me

Excuse me while I brag shamelessly about my baby. She is actually usually clearer when she sings this but it's 7 in the morning here.

She is also a bit of a tattle tail. This morning we dropped Kendall off at preschool and then ran up to the grocery store because we are hosting dinner here tonight. I picked out two cookies and put them in a bag (except for half of one that I gave to Kate). We went down a few aisles and I noticed that she hadn't had a bite yet. I asked for a bite and she handed it to me. After taking a small bite I went to hand it back but she wouldn't take it. She kept saying no and pushing it back to me. So I ate it. We finished shopping and were paying for everything when the lady looked at Kate and said, "Did you get a cookie!?" and Kate very clearly stated, "Yesh, Mommy eat it". That little snitch.

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