Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today. Well, really yesterday now.

I have been trying to blog for days now, either Blogger or my computer is messed up though.

I started this part yesterday morning:

We haven't really been doing much that is blog worthy. Today we are going to pick up some lunch at my favorite bread bakery (they have soups, salads, and other goodness) and take it to Great Gram's house. The girls and I are really excited.

Since I haven't posted a picture in awhile:

This is why my closet is never clean (sorry for the blurry photos, what is going on with my camera?).

This is what is happening as I type this:

This is what we did before 7am this morning. A little impromptu puppet show.

Real time: Finally, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday afternoon.

Today we are having our sweet neighbor over for lunch. She has grandbabies that are Kendall and Kate's age and I know she is missing them!

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