Saturday, February 07, 2009

Living the Dream

Today is one of the days I dreamed about. When I was growing up all I really wanted to be was a mom (well, that is not true, at one point all I wanted to be was a turtle but that's another story). When I would imagine what a mommy day would be like it closely resembled today. The girls have been angelic. Kendall and I got groceries together this morning and when we came home she and Kate played FOREVER. First they pulled out all the winter hats and gloves and played dress up with those. Then (you're not going to believe this) they played sleeping. Yes, that's right, they pulled blankets and snugglies down stairs and played sleeping on the formal living room couch for about 30 minutes. Of course they didn't actually sleep they talked and giggled the whole time. I worked in the kitchen all morning (potato soup, fruit salad...)and the house rang with the giggles of little girls. Heaven.

I almost didn't want to put them down for naps in fear that the spell would be broken. They are both asleep now. I rearranged some toys, I'm going to take the child locks off one of the kitchen cabinets so some of their toys are more easily accessible. Originally they had been in the pantry but I wanted that space for our recycling bins.

Now I'm sitting down to do a little scrapbooking. I'm working on client stuff. I think you all know I scrapbook for other people (?) for a not so small fee. Anyway, I'm going to be finishing up my super huge order (turned out to be about six or so albums--30ish pages each) and I'm debating on if I will continue to do it or not. I love to get the check in the mail but I have a ton of our photos and memories that I would rather be doing. I think that I will have a hard time saying no if someone asks me though. We'll see.

After nap we're all going to go to the gym. Either today or tomorrow I want to take a few Valentine's pictures of the girls.


  1. Ooo, next time you come to visit I want your kids to teach my kids this "sleeping" game :)

  2. Too cute and fun. I remember those days. They are to be cherished!!!

    Valentine pictures, were you successful?

  3. Aww...I loved when the boys played it. It was so wonderful, but it didn't last long (maybe a month). What surprised me was when Matthew would pray with Michael and then tuck him in! I melted and then it was time for Michael to wake up. That quick and it was done! Good memories!