Sunday, February 01, 2009

Paris was wonderful. I think that the best part was just being a couple with Brian again, making each other laugh and enjoying each other's company. We took our time over meals, a rarity for a mom. We talked about things other then bedtime rituals and potty breaks and just explored and got excited about our future there. We walked everywhere and felt very old because every morning we could barely climb out of bed because of the sore muscles and feet.

We stood out like sore thumbs. Evidently the only suitable color to wear in Paris is black. My red argyle knit hat was like a flashing neon sign saying "TOURIST HERE." But I was completely okay with that, we were tourist to the full extent of the word. We took pictures of ourselves and even our meals. We had a blast.
Brian having crepes in a little cafe near the Pantheon.
My favorite part of a trip is usually the street markets and we went to two different ones in Paris. I loved seeing all the fresh food, meat, fish, wine and handmade goods.
They take their chocolate very seriously here.

It was very cool to see a lot of the work that I studied in school. We visited only two museums: the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay.

This is possibly not the most flattering picture of Brian but it was his favorite meal while we were there. We found this very authentic cafe (recommended by a French friend) it wasn't touristy at all, they didn't even speak English or have any translated menus. Brian had a croissant with fresh jam and two huge chunks of bread SLATHERED with butter.

One night we ate at a restaurant on the Champs-Elysees. The dining room was upstairs directly above a Renault car showroom. The tables were on these narrow walkways so you could look down on both sides and watch all the people.

Arc de Triomphe
Walking back to our hotel after dinner
We had so much fun and we're even more excited about living there later, learning the city more and showing it to our visiting friends and family.
On a completely unrelated note isn't it unfortunate that they make gluesticks to look so much like chapstick? Silly little girls.


  1. Ashley, I cracked up at that last statement. Stella has made the same mistake with her gluestick!!!

  2. In Tarzan voice: Mmmm, Brian like bread!

    I would have done the same thing :)

  3. The funny thing is he doesn't really like bread. But he REALLY likes butter :)

  4. The bread is just a good mechanism for getting butter into my mouth.