Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chick's List!

We're due for a Chick's List, don't you agree?

My current favorites are...

I'm loving Diet Ginger Ale mixed with Simply Grapefruit juice. So fresh and caffeine free.

  • For lunch I am loving Veggie Burgers (best so far is the Gardenburger brand 'original') on a toasted whole wheat bun with a little pizza sauce spread on it and some laughing cow cheese on top (I spread on the onion flavored). Deee-lish.
  • I love decorating. Right now I'm planning my office, new paint a couple new pieces (comfy cozy chair) and red accents. Fun stuff.
  • I like these fun decals I would love to get some for the girl's rooms!
  • I love this address stamp. It's currently on my wish list.
  • I'm excited about picking out my fabric for our summer quilt and bags. I still haven't done it, maybe this week. I know what I'm going to get though...Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 2 line (scroll down to see line--I'm using a different quilt pattern though) . Fabulous!
  • I love how pampered this Asquith and Somerset Olive Oil Salt Scrub makes me feel. Note: you can find it much cheaper.
  • I love how moving a rug to a new location suddenly makes it a prime play place. This rug was moved from our living room into the foyer and I am constantly finding Kendall and Kate here surrounded by toys.

Now I'm being summoned by the little ladies, gotta run!

Oh, two more things, two conversations I love:

Kendall: Did you wash my black shoes while I was sleeping last night?

Me: No

Kendall: Why not?

Me: Because I decided to sleep instead.

Kendall: Because you worked hard?

Me: Yeah.

Kendall: You worked hard at the gym?

Me: Well, and cleaning then house, and taking care of you.

Kendall: And sewing, and making bags from fabric?

Me: Yeah, that too.

And last but not least:

Kate: Go bye bye?

Me: No, we're not going bye bye.

Kate: Whhhhy?

Me: We don't need to go bye bye.

Kate: We go bye bye Ke-guh?

Kendall: Not right now, maybe after naptime.

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  1. So funny, I just bought a bunch of fabric from this very Amy Butler line to make headbands from! It is GREAT!

    Love the list. I am jealous of your being able to decorate.