Saturday, August 23, 2008

Discovery Jar

I've continued on my quest to have supremely entertained kids on our drive to the new house. Today I made this discovery jar. I collected various treasures. This part was easy because I mentioned to Lorie what I was making and she gathered a whole lot of jewels for us, gotta love her. The timing was perfect for this project because last night I finished off the popcorn kernels so I had an empty plastic jar with a lid. I poured in our treasures, added sand about 3/4 of the way in and super glued the lid on. Now the girls can twist, turn and shake shake shake it to find all of the buried goodness.
If you have older kids you can create a list (words or pictures) of things to find and tie it on the bottle.


  1. Very cute. You just reminded me of another idea you can use. Watch your inbox for link overload :)

  2. Nice idea...but I just about swallowed my gum at the thought of the girls playing with that in the vehicle. Gotta love super glue! :) phew!