Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Discoveries

We've had a few new discoveries in our house.

Jennie introduced me to this site and I love it. I plethora of good information. My current obsession is her Home Management Notebook series, I use something like this already but it will be tweaked to include some of her PDF (free, downloads) once were all settled in at our new house.

I also have discovered the goodness that is Google. Not the search engine but their email (I opened a new Gmail account) and I encourage everyone I know to open their own Gmail account so that we can chat live online (instant messaging) this will be especially useful once we move to Paris. Also on Google I started using their calendar system. In the past I have always preferred handwritten datebooks to electronic ones but I like this system and I can give other people (currently only Brian) access to it so he will see when our appointments are as well as see my meal plan for the week if he ever wants to know what we are having for dinner (see how Simple Mom uses this system here). I also have it set up to send emails one week prior to family birthdays so hopefully I will start getting cards in the mail to loved ones for once in my life.

Finally in Google I've also started using their Reader program. I admittedly have a list of blogs that I like to read--mainly crafty ladies that I like to get ideas or recipes from. However, searching through the blogs is such a time waster when a lot of them don't update daily. With the Reader program you add in all the websites that you visit and when you open the Reader site it shows all the updated blog posts on one screen. Now you don't have to visit each individual blog site! Love that!

Here at home I love to discover Kendall's organizing.

The girls discovered the race car at Lowes and it was such an enjoyable trip because they just "drove" around the whole place. Even better they were both sitting comfortably in the cart so everyone was contained nicely.
They also discovered bubble baths for the first time.


  1. This was my first morning using my Reader, and ahhhh the time saved...

  2. ahh, the "bathtub shot." i have several of these with Amy from my childhood. Love it!