Monday, August 25, 2008

A Recipe and other stuff

This is a recipe I put on the blog before I added the "In the Kitch" category. I just want to point out the link for those of you that haven't tried it. It's yummy and a Chick household favorite.

Today we spent the morning babysitting the Sprout Spot kids.

Here is Anna demonstrating safe sandbox playing techniques. Please note the safety head gear.

I wonder if Brian taught her this, you all remember his safety sink plunging gear don't you? Here, let me remind you.

I created a special parking spot for Nathan and labeled it "Mr Roboto Parking Only"

Kendall and Anna decided that the garden gnome (or as Kendall calls him, "Santa") needed a little color. I hear that Nathan is going to be disappointed at the gnome defilement, he has a real affinity for concrete yard statues. Hmm, that would be a great going away present for him, a collection of concrete yard statues. I wonder if they make robot yard ornaments?


  1. Every bit of this is hilarious.

    A. That's my girl! Helmets are super awesome.

    B. We really owe Brian. He has taught so much to our family. From him Anna learned about safety, Noah learned about sweater vests, and Nathan learned about man capris.

    C. If you buy Nathan a gnome, he would be happy to smash them all on our driveway.

  2. OK Ashley. On your recipe it says 1/5 T Ketchup. I am going to guess that it is to be 1.5 T???

    luv you guys, paula

  3. sorry! 1 1/2 T ketchup. Enjoy