Friday, August 22, 2008

I Spy Little Helpers

We're having a good day today. Kendall slept in, of course I woke up early and repeatedly checked on her to make sure she was alive. The girls entertained themselves (okay there was some TV watching going on, oh the shame) while I cleaned the entire house. Now they are both napping and I've done a little bit of prepping for our drive to the new house. I'm creating little activity bags for Kendall, one is a collage bag with safety scissors, glue stick, paper and some pre-cut shapes, another has pipe cleaners and bead for stringing and I will make a felt board with shapes for another. What I'm most excited about is our personalized "I Spy" book. I took 7 pictures of groupings of our toys and I have ordered two of each picture. I'm going to make a little book (paper stapled or otherwise bound together) with the picture on the right side and I'll cut individual items from the second picture to glue on the left side of the page so she can 'find' those items. I think she will love it. She likes the real I Spy books so I think she will love recognizing our own things. My only fear is that she will spy something that she wants and I wont have it with us, ha.


  1. Baby Shrek, hee hee.

    Can your girls come and teach mine to clean?

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. ashley,
    you are so amazing. i love all your great crafty ideas for the girls. you make me so excited to be a mom!

  4. You are very sweet but don't give me too much credit, I stalk numerous websites and blogs for all my ideas!! You are going to be a fantastic mom!