Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Little Mermaid

We started out the day at the park. We were ready for a fun day and we had our picnic basket packed. We sat down to our lunch and dark, ominous storm clouds rolled in. It didn't take us long to pack everything up and find a new location for the picnic. We decided to just go to the mall so the kids could finish eating and still spend the time together. We parked in the garage since it was already pouring and were just walking into the mall when I saw a nice bench next to the large fountain and I decided that would be the perfect place to continue our picnic.
The "big girls" sat facing the fountain while Jennie and I sat facing the other way to feed the babies.

I had one little mishap, while I was cutting our apple a chunk flew over my shoulder and into the fountain. I cracked up.

Jennie and I reminded the girls to scoot back so they wouldn't fall in and at one point I made a dive because I thought that Kendall was going in. But it was a false alarm. I returned to my job of feeding Kate

Can you guess what happened next?

Poor little lady. She kept saying two things: 1) Why did I fall in the water!? and 2) People saw me! Now that we are home and dry she thinks it is funny though so all is good.


  1. I have told this story to a lot of people today, and everyone thinks the, "People saw me!" is too funny.

    Glad she's recovered :)

  2. oh my GOODNESS!!! that is such a hilarious story! I love it! she looks so upset. glad she thinks it is funny now!!!