Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Staying Busy

This morning we did a little beading. This beading set is made by Melissa and Doug (my favorite toy maker) from Kendall's Aunt Lin.

Kate was stringing too. Well, she was tasting more then actually stringing.

I like this next picture, it's like she is saying, "Look what I did mom!"

Then one of them fell under the table.

She decided it was a good place to rest.

After stringing the beads we played with the plastic lid and then did a little sorting.
So that was about 15 minutes of our day, now to find activities for the rest of it!


  1. Kate looks like such a little lady standing by the window - adorable!

    From my morning, I will say that I do NOT recommend anything involving glitter as an activity to fill your day. ;p

  2. Jennie,
    You are a brave, brave woman. I don't even own any glitter.