Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Like a Drug...

...or a heart attack.

I had shortness of breath and I was all sweaty. Afterwards I felt like I had run a marathon, I was exhausted and all of my muscles were sore. That's right folks, it's that time of year again. I so look forward to Mega consignment sale time. This is no ordinary sale, it covers multiple basketball courts. Women come prepared with rolling carts and laundry baskets with ropes tied to them so they can just drag them around, it is complete madness. And I am right there with them throwing elbows (not really) to get the Polo denim dress and Kate Spade, yes, you read that correctly, real Kate Spade diaper bag. Kendall got way more then Kate because frankly, Kate doesn't need anything, she gets all of Kendall's stuff from the last two years! Here are the goods:

She doesn't need any jeans but we got a couple pair of comfy pants and some khakis.

And you can never go wrong with snail pants.

Random sweaters and shirts
Two coats, the navy one is quilted and seems very warm, it's my favorite.
Three little dresses, the middle one is a sweater material, the denim is Ralph Lauren

I envision the pink plaid with little tights and sweater. The jury is still out on the appliqued plaid but I'm thinking little red sweater and shoes??
Cardigans, the stripped one's buttons are sewn on with red thread, love the details.
Tights, the white leggings are for Kate
PJ's, the pink flannel are supposedly Kate's size they are actually the same as Kendall's.
A couple of sweaters, I think that the pink with green ribbon will match her new snail pants.
Yes, that is a denim blazer for a three year old, I'm in should see it on her! The other is Janie and Jack.

The top three (two pair boots and some Reebok) are for Kendall the others are for Kate.
Fabulous funky Kate Spade
And a few things for my Kate:
I can't resist cuffed jeans on a one year old.
Polo denim dress to match her big sister.

I love this little whale sweatshirt!

Not shown is the brand new infant swing for our new swing set, the Dora toy ($3) that someone we all know went ballistic for, and both of their Halloween costumes which I have decided to keep a secret.

Cousins that live nearby with children: email me if you want the information for the sale it is still going on.


  1. Even as I sit here in my own pile of stuff, I am drooling over yours. The snail pants, the whale hoodie, and that navy coat? Don't even get me started on the tights and oh my, the Kate Spade. LOVE it!

  2. I sure wish I knew if I was having a boy or a girl so I could go shop!

  3. You did hit the jackpot! You are such a savvy shopper!! Way too cute things.....we have a huge kids consignment sale twice a year here and one of them happens to be next month. Pricing their own things, some people are way too proud of their stuff....I want rock bottom prices. I have been getting a lot of toys, etc. from Craigslist. The house is starting to resemble a, paula

  4. this is incredible. i wish i knew the age and gender of our kid so I could buy things!! :-)