Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dress Up and House

We played dress up after nap again today. Kate looked uber-stylish in her golden kitten heals and little hat. She decided that the shoes were better for chewing.

Kendall is looking WAY too old here. Slow down little lady, you're growing up way too fast.

She has a pretty good sense of humor for a three year old!

In other news, we found a house...FINALLY. I was getting very discouraged because we were having a hard time finding one that we liked. I had a search set up to send me an email when new houses were listed that fit within our criteria. I received an email with the house and immediately sent it to Brian. He had just seen the email too and thought it looked good. He scheduled a showing that night and we made an offer the next morning! I can wait to move in, actually, I can't wait to see it, ha. Brian has been great giving descriptions and drawing floor plans for me. We saw so many houses that he knows exactly what I like and dislike and I trust him completely.


  1. Good job, guys. Great looking house!!
    love you all, paula

  2. LOVE the new house!
    And the smiley face headband ;)

  3. Congrats!!! I love the house and the pictures of the girls are totally adorable! Those two always make me smile.

  4. yipeeeee!
    such a pretty house. can't wait to see it too!