Thursday, August 28, 2008

So She Says

Today after nap time we met Jennie at the mall to spend a little time together. We found ourselves in Pottery Barn Kids where Kendall became enamored with this dollhouse. I was excited to see her loving it because I had already thought that this would be a fantastic Christmas gift that both girls will play with.
Tonight we went to CJ's soccer game. On the way out we passed a port-a potty and Kendall asked if that was a dirty bathroom (she was remembering a traumatic experience we had at another soccer game) and I confirmed that yes, it was a dirty port-a-potty. I could tell she was thinking about something the whole way to the car and then she said, "Why is it a dirty poot-a-potty" Gosh I love that girl. Natalie, one of the soccer players little sisters, hung out with Kendall and read books to her during the game and Kendall kept calling her "Add-a-lady" I will miss these mispronunciations when she gets bigger!

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  1. what a wonderful tribute to your home! You'll miss it, but you are right, home is where you are together!