Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Evening

Speaking of reading lots of blogs. Jennie also drew my attention to this set (on the Nothing Fancy blog) that I plan on making with my fabric scraps.

This week while we were at Lorie's house I saw these and she sent them home with me. I envision leaving little love notes in them for my girls. Today Kendall was playing with them and I taught her how you put the flag up when you want the mail lady to take your mail. Later we had this conversation:

Me: At our new house we can put one in your room and one in Kate's room then you can leave mail for her and she can leave mail for you.
Kendall: Kate's a mail lady?
Me: Uh no, but you can send each other mail.
Kendall: okay.

Oh and I guess beading is exhausting. I went in the living room to tell it was time to go up for nap and I found her like this.
Tonight my super girlfriend Karin invited us over for dinner. She made a great Shepard's Pie, so good! I have the greatest friends ever, I can't believe I only have one more week with them before we move!

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  1. That last sentence just broke my heart. Literally, I felt pain. Why you tryin' to kill me?

    And "Kate's a mail lady?" is hysterical!