Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whole Lotta Hair

Kendall got her long overdue haircut this morning and I'm beating myself up for not doing it sooner. The hairdresser said it just right when she said, "That's a whole lotta hair for such a little face". So now she is sporting a super cute little bob.

Before: Whole lotta hair

After: Sweet little bob.

I didn't mention before that we had Brian home this weekend, the girls were so happy. We had so much fun! We miss him so much and can not wait to get up to our new house with him.

I also forgot to post my "after haircut picture" I really like it, it's a bob but it still fits in a pony if necessary.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    You are a nut. Love Kendall's bob, couldn't tell about yours, I couldn't get past the big eye.
    Love you

  2. Now you have a crazy eye like me! Kidding :)

    I LOVE Kendall's hair. So cute and stylish!

  3. oh my your hair is so long! it looks awesome!

  4. I loved Kendall's whole-lotta-hair and I love her sweet-little-bob too!
    I love your bob as well. You remind me more of Kristy in that picture than I think you ever have. Don't ask me why.... BTW, is that an Alfalfa hair on the back of your head or is that a wall decoration! :)