Friday, January 30, 2009

Life is Good

Yesterday morning Lorie's neighbor arrived with a tractor with a big plow attached along with a bunch of sheers/chainsaws...He worked all morning with CJ and at 12:30 he talked me through what to do. He demonstrated to me how he was taller then my car and he was able to walk under the hanging live wires with about a foot of clearance. I then put my truck in 4 wheel drive and "drove" over a thick sheet of ice under said live wires. I kept on driving until I reached the road (since I would have slid back down if I stopped). CJ, fully dressed in snow attire brought each of my girls to me in the fully packed truck one at a time and I yelled my good byes to Lorie from the road (we forgot to say good bye before I risked my life escaping the snow trap). Kendall and Kate, who had been confined to about 50 square feet in front of the fireplace for about 24 hours were so excited to go 'bye bye'. I worried that 6 hours of bye bye trapped in 1 square foot of car seat was going to be disastrous but they were SO incredibly good the whole drive. Within 20 minutes of leaving Lorie's they were both asleep and stayed asleep for about 2 hours. The other 4 hours they watched movies, played and sang songs. Kate cried for about 10 minutes when we were about 20 miles from home. They were so excited to be home, Kendall ran up to her "big room" immediately and then proceeded to test out every single bathroom in the house. She also remarked that our house wasn't broken like Aunt Lorie's (hee hee!).

Kendall's school was closed today because of the road conditions. We had a rough (but necessary) trip to the grocery store this morning. Today has been so good for me. I am reminded why I love my life. My 'job' is so fulfilling for me. The girls and I have cuddled and played, I have all the clothes unpacked, washing, folded. All the toys put away, the pantry fully stocked, Super Bowl dips and munchies ready for tomorrow and a big bowl of cucumber salad (his favorite) marinating in the fridge just waiting for Brian's return tomorrow night. I love traveling, experiencing, learning...but I really love home and our day to day life.

Paris blog post and pictures to come when I can get them downloaded. We had a blast, it was a fantastic trip.

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