Saturday, August 11, 2007


Last night something horrible happened. I was cooking dinner for the girls and I (Brian was out of town), Kate was in her Exersaucer in the dining area and Kendall was there torturing her. I poured some bacon drippings into a plastic bowl to cool and turned to start the pasta sauce. Within two minutes Kendall had reached up to stick her fingers in the bowl and pulled the hot grease down on top of her. I got her hands immediately in the sink but realized that her shirt was covered too so I ripped it off and ran her upstairs to run cold water over her in the bathtub. Luckily my cell phone was on the kitchen counter and I grabbed it on the way up to call 911 and Lorie. The paramedics got here quickly and Lorie got here soon afterward. Kendall and I rode in the ambulance to the local children's hospital and Lorie grabbed diapers, clothes, car seat, stroller...and followed in my car along with John, Dani, and Alex. We spent the night at the hospital just because burns usually look much worse the second day but the doctor said that she looked great and we were able to come home at lunch time today. Kendall has mostly 1st degree burns which is the equivalent of a sunburn and a few areas of second degree burns. The doctor said that none of this will scar and that she was very lucky.

Brian made it to the hospital around midnight (of course he had a two hour delay) then he came home to get a few hours of sleep and Lorie, Kate and I stayed at the hospital. I debated adding pictures to the blog but Brian said I should. I really think that our new camera "pops" the colors so (I think) that it looks much redder in the pictures but Brian may disagree. You can see the second degree burning on her right hand, belly and a tiny bit (I don't think you can see it) on her left chest area. We have to bathe and change the dressings twice a day, Lorie is going to come in the morning to help me and Brian will help before bed. I thought that it went well tonight, the bathing part is hard because I'm sure it stings since I have to use antibacterial soap and gauze to try to wipe away any dead skin... but the lathering of lotion and the dressing went really well, she stayed calm and just kept asking "Whas that?" and counting the number of fingers that I covered. She doesn't want to remove her hospital anklet.


  1. she is my tough little girl! I didnt see her with all the dressing on...but Mom said she is for the most part very good about it. I love you all and I am glad that it wasnt as bad as it could have been. I am home this week so let me know if you need any help with anything.

  2. She still looks pretty happy to me...probably because her mommy is taking such good care of her! So glad she's home and doing well :)

  3. I have to add that the doctors said she would have had 3rd degree burn if not for the fast thinking of her Mommy. Ashley putting her in the cold water stopped the burning from continuing. Also, Ashley remained very calm during the whole time. Her neck and face were the typical Kelly blotchy red under major stress, but she was keeping it together while holding Kate and trying to talk to the paramedics and comfort Kendall at the same time. She went into protective Mom mode very fast and tears only flowed after I arrived to the hospital and she didn't let Kendall see those. I am proud of her.

    It was a very scary time for all of us and all I can say is I know how many times I turned around to find a knife or something hot that I hadn't pushed quite far enough out of the way and just thought, "oh my gosh, Thank God, my child didn't get that, what could have happened". Actually Dani did get ahold of a knife and a saw at one point in her young life. So, Ashley, this is something we all as Moms fear and could have gone through. You are a great Mom and I am proud of how well you held up went put to the real test!!

  4. Amen, Lorie! I would have been completely freaking out. Ashley is my hero :)