Monday, August 13, 2007


Kendall has this routine down pat. This morning Lorie came to help with our a.m. bathe and dressing as we were leaving the bathroom and heading towards the bedroom Kendall kept yelling, "Mommy, cookie cutters, cookie cutters." I had no idea what she was talking about. We came to a point in our dressing that I needed more tape and realized that I had left the scissors in the bathroom. Ahhhhh, the 'cookie cutters'. The funny thing is we do that almost every single time and Kendall has heard us say that we forgot them and watched one of us run back to get them, she was just trying to save us a trip.

Bath time is still the most awful part of the process but a close second in the awful category is medicine time. Usually Kendall is a real champ at taking medicine but this stuff must taste especially nasty because we have such a hard time getting her to take it every four hours. Last night she took an idea from Kate and started to spit it out (I mean putting her lips together and blowing.....blowing it everywhere). Today I broke down and called the pharmacy to see if we could get it in a different form. They offered to add flavoring to it. She doesn't trust us that it tastes better and still doesn't want to take it but I think that it may get easier as she realizes that it isn't different. I started calling it "Candy Medicine" in an effort to persuade her.

These aren't new pictures, I didn't take any today but here are a couple from the last few days. Notice how when Kate starts to reach for the book Kendall decides to move :)


  1. I love that she moved away. That is toooo funny!

  2. Cuties, both of 'em. Love the green stripey pants.

  3. Both of 'em? What about me?