Sunday, August 12, 2007


I need to do a blog post about fluff and by fluff I mean random, unimportant, no-brainer type of things. I need to do this because I have too much non-fluff in my brain and it needs a rest. So here's my fluff. I have a love/hate relationship with magazines. I love them I really do, they inspire me, they get me excited about possibilities (crafts, decorating, projects with the kids...), they inform me. The list goes on and on. I love to see a magazine (and it's cousin the catalog) in my mailbox. Here is the hate part though. They have the ability to stress me out. I do not like clutter and magazines have a tendency to pile up. I really don't subscribe to many but I'll occasionally pick one up and often times they are passed to me from a friend or sister. I also check them out of the library a lot. When I see my pile of magazines it makes my heart go pitter patter because a) I love them but b) my blood pressure rises since I think I need to 'clean them up'. I have actually put "Read magazines" on my To-Do list. I feel like I need to read them (and then pull out what I like and file it in the appropriate binder) before I can throw it away. But then I sit down to read them so I can check off something on my to-do list and I start to think about those other things on my to-do list that are probably slightly more important like, oh I don't know, exercise, use toothpick to remove crud from around the lip of the sink, clip Kate's fingernails, learn another there is guilt involved with reading. But not enough guilt to make me stop getting them because I love them :) Note: I was going to go downstairs to get the camera and then roam around the house and collect all my stray magazines and set them up in a cute pile to photograph them, then download it to my computer and then upload it to blogger BUT I decided to do something on my to-do list instead so you'll have to settle for a photo-less blog post, sorry 'bout-cha luck.

Non-Fluff: Kendall is doing well today she is napping like a champ. She and Brian ran errands this morning, she slept well (went to bed early and still slept in). I like to think that all that sleep equals healing, I don't know if that is true but thinking that makes my heart happy so that's what I'm going to do. She didn't want to take her bath this morning which was rough but we managed and she was fantastic with the bandage changing. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and nice emails. I have heard so many stories about similar (or the exact same) burns from everyone. It is horrible that it has ever happened to ANYONE but even though I still blame myself it is a little comforting to hear that people have made similar mistakes so often before. ANOTHER NOTE: I didn't want to approve Lorie's comment on the last post, it embarrassed me since I felt like it was "tooting my horn". I told her this and she said that if I didn't she would do a whole post about it on her blog. There's my disclaimer.

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  1. You better pubish my "toot toot" comments too!

    I totally agree on the magazines...sigh. Last night I bought two more that are supposed to help me organize my home and do all sorts of creative activites with my soon as I finish, ya know, reading my magazines :p