Monday, August 20, 2007

A Horde of Viking Dwarfs

The other day while I was waiting for my doctor in the waiting room I picked up a cool magazine called Wondertime (I want this subscription!), in it there was an article about how conversation and just communication in general with your spouse pretty much ceases to exists after kids. Your relationship as you know it is no longer. The author pretty much nailed it when he said, "I liken my marriage to a once-great civilization that was sacked when a horde of Viking dwarfs came ashore and had their way with us". Ah, he obviously has been spying on my family.

Kendall has a new favorite phrase, she'll doodle on a piece of paper or put together a puzzle and say, "I made that". Here is a picture of Kate kicking up her feet and chilling out while I bathe Kendall. "It's the Viking Dwarfs vs. the Old Farts and we're getting our (butts) kicked."

And some of you may have seen this but I'm still hijacking it from Lorie's blog anyway. The poor thing has my sticky outty ears, I grew into mine I think she will too.


  1. Wondertime is the best! It's like Real Simple for babies.

    Kate and Noah can get together and have some sticky-outty-eared children :)

  2. think you are getting YOUR butt kicked......we are older farts than you guys.....

    : )

    love, paula

  3. yikes! don't tell me things like that BEFORE i have kids!! :-)